Watch Sean Run: Politics, Schmolitics!

Don’t you have something better to be doing, I hear it’s beautiful out today… well actually I saw it for myself. I went for a run, turns out I need to get into better shape.

*SPECIAL OFFER* We have a Federal Election coming up very soon!! If you act now you get this one time, one of a kind offer. You pay just a measly few billion dollars and you get not one, not two, not three, but FOUR people dressed in suits, talking for you!! But it gets better!! You can attend their campaign rallies… if you fit the image and have no criticism to offer whatsoever towards the Prime Minister. The Liberal guy is slightly less uptight, the NDP guy and the Green Party lady actually hangout with regular people, sometimes even when the cameras are off. If You call in the next 10 minutes you will receive The Best of the Harper Government: Slimy American Style Attack Ads Vol.1 & Vol 2. It’s a great offer! CALL NOW!!!

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