T v. A

I asked you the twitter-faceverse what I should blog about this morning and you responded overwhelmingly with “Ass or Tits”, okay so it was one guy, but Josh is one cool guy, so let’s begin…

Tits or Ass?

Boobs or booty, breasteses or badonkadonk, this is the eternal question. The question that has been asked for hundreds, if not thousands of years by sex starved teenagers, middle aged perverts, well respected business men and women alike. One would assume such a debate would lose a little steam after all these years of progression, the push for equality, not to mention our obsession with all things media, gadgets and online role playing games, well, one couldn’t be more wrong if she or he were driving on the wrong side of the highway.

The truth is anyone attracted to women, so long as they have a sex drive is going to be fascinated by breasts and buttocks, we’re obviously hard-wired to be that way. It could’ve had a little something to do with advertising , pornography and the fact that such things are ‘forbidden’ to many and in certain parts of the world. Hell young men used to get rock hard when they saw a woman’s exposed ankles once upon a time, and why not? they weren’t allowed to see ankles until they were married men, could you take that kind of pressure, not unless you’re a Jonas Brother!

The real question is where do I stand on Tits vs. Ass? interesting question,  the answer is simple, there is no answer.

My favourite part of a woman is her eyes, her smile and her personality. Look, I love me a sexy butt and some stunning boobs, but at the end of day it’s the woman I fall in love with, not just her physical attributes. And I don’t sleep around, if I’m grabbing your ass or caressing your breasts you better believe you’re the only one that matters to me in that moment.

As long as you’re a great person, who likes it a little rough on occasion, you’re alright in my book!

p.s. I’m all for women’s rights, but you FemiNazis need to chill!



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