My resume

Sean Carleton

Belleville, Ontario
21 Jump Street
Find my number on the wall of women’s washrooms all around town.

Current Job: Comedian/Writer

I’m a funny guy. I write. I philosophize.

I am presently seeking a position (missionary, doggy, stand up 69 etc.) that will increase my skills and experience while earning myself an income. I am willing to work afternoons, evenings, weekends and late nights ;).


Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

Now this may seem lazy, but I am very skilled off my back, especially when I have my hands free.

Downward Dog (It’s not just a yoga position any more)

I’m the Snoop Dogg of actual doggy style. Slow and sensual, or if you don’t want to walk right for a fortnight, deep and hard, you’ve been warned.

Pro Wrestling Fan

And proud of it


I tell a great dick joke, perform cunnilingus with vim and vigour and I’m determined to give you multiple orgasms. I have a thirst for knowledge, and female ejaculate. I have a wide variety of interests and skills making me a well rounded guy, and a generous lover. I’m good with computers (porn) and other technology (mobile porn). I am outgoing and friendly, no anal though (I’m too delicate). I always complete the tasks I am assigned to, you will come hard.

Awards and Certificates

I made a woman ejaculate a handful of times in one night, it was like striking oil. I have seen every Lethal Weapon, and I do romantic shit too. Flowers, chocolate, and I’ll go down on you!


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