In honour of the 47th year of the great  Jushin Thunder Liger this is my Top 47 Pro Wrestlers of All Time. in Howard Finkel voice “Let’s see who drew number #1….”

1. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair – Sure he wasn’t the original Nature Boy, but he sure made wrestling fans forget about Buddy Rogers pretty quick. Ric Flair has done, and said it all (16x over), not including him in your top 10 would be a great injustice comparable to the holocaust during World War II or a Jennifer Lopez movie. Ric Flair has had some of the greatest matches of all time, all over the world, whether it was in the Carolinas, Georgia, New York or places outside The USA like Japan, Hawaii & right here in Canada. To call Flair Mr. Five Star Match would not be an overstatement. Flair’s classic 5 star matches with the likes of Steamboat, Windham, Funk & Vader will go down as some of the greatest matches in professional wrestling history, not to mention his promos, which were also arguably some of the greatest speeches in the history of popular culture, on par with serious speeches from men like Malcolm X & John F. Kennedy. Ric Flair will go down as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live, if not the greatest. He was The Man, and he had a Flare for Gold. He was the ‘Limousine ridin’-jet flyin’-kiss stealin’-wheelin’, dealin’ son of a gun!  Women would line around the block just waiting for their shot to ride Space Mountain. My #1 professional wrestler of all time is Ric Flair, WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Born With A Golden Spoon…



Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk “I Quit ” Match


Ric Flair Vs Ricky Steamboat 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match NWA World Heavyweight Championship


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