Hit and Miss (The Story of Our Lives)

Doesn’t the title say it all. You win some, you lose some, and if you’re really ambitious you may even hope to get out alive, and to those of you who attempt to do so, I salute you. Me, I just want to live a fulfilled life, with my woman, a successful career and respect amongst my peers in the wild world of comedy would be the bonus that comes with that. A famous group of Englishmen once said all you need is love, and I find it overwhelming difficult to argue with that simple logic.

But how do you define this thing we call love? Is it even possible to define something that you yourself can not explain, despite the numerous letters, the gestures and your own feelings? Why do we have to define love and everything else? Perhaps we can better understand ourselves if we understand the true meaning of love, perhaps there is no meaning at all, maybe we just don’t want to die alone, who knows. My theory is that  love is unavoidable, no matter how sound your logic or how much you avoid it, love will get you more often than not. Love is not always a physical and emotional thing either, the love I know is both and more, but love can be your line of work, your art, the way you carry yourself, etc. There I go again defining love. Love seems essential, but that’s the same thing many people say about mythological Godlike creatures and Nickelback, I agree with neither.

As I sit here listening to the Pixies wail, picking popcorn out of  my teeth it occurs to me that life is like one vast Velcro wall, our plans, our hopes and our dreams are just different objects we propel at that wall in hopes that they’ll stick. The way I see it you may as well throw everything you have and go for broke or hang you head in shame and give up.

I guess my point is, life is hit and miss, but that should not stop you from pursuing dreams and enjoying life, if anything it should motivate you. Not everything works out for everyone, but you will have a lot more fun chasing down your dream than you will watching others chase their’s. Fall in love, go to space, open a whorehouse in Las Vegas, tell your boss to go fuck himself when he rides your ass too hard, do what you got to do. There is nothing wrong with regrets, but strive to have as few regrets as humanly possible, and for fuck sake enjoy the fuck out of life.


The Filthy Thespian

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