05.05.2012 (Samurai! TV)
Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium
1,650 Fans

Six Man Tag: Hashimoto Daichi, Nick Primo & Ueda Shito (AJP) vs. Hashimoto Kazuki, Otani Masashi & Tsukamoto Takumi (BJW) = Not a bad match and it helped heat up the Hashimoto vs. Hashimoto feud a little more, this match definitely had it’s place on the card, not a filler match in the least, just not a really good match either. **1/4

Six Man Tag: Oishi Makoto, Asahi Shiori & Okimoto Masaki vs. Ogawauchi Jun, Shimuzu Motosuga & Suzuki Amigo = I’m not going to lie, my initial thought was “ Who the fuck are these guys” my second thought, “I didn’t know Dragon Gate worked with Big Japan!” So, what did we learn from this match? We learned that BJW fans don’t mark for every spot, unlike Dragon Gate fans, and that’s it really. ZERO STARS!!! A dud

Ishikawa Shinya vs. Nishimura Osamu = FINALLY. A wrestling match! Nishimura worked a well put together, realistic and enthralling match-up that left me wanting more, great work from Nish and the youngster. ***

NO DQ Six Man Tag Death Match: “Black Angel” Numazawa Jaki, Miyamoto Yuko & Kodoka Isami vs. Shinobu, Taketa Masashi & Inematsu Saburo = Let’s just say it’s not hard to believe All Japan or NJPW haven’t signed any of these guys yet. No long term selling, 10 too many near falls and spot crazy, way to make pro wrestling look phony guys! 1/2*

Barbed Wire Board Six Man Tag Deathmatch: Ito Ryuji, Sasaki Takashi & Yamakawa Ryuji vs. Shadow WX, Hoshino Kankuro & Inaba Masato = Goddamn there were a lot of six man tags on this show!! Whenever I see a death match without much heat or build I think, “why?”, the best I could come up with here is, “Those are some crazy motherfuckers!”, and I think they proved that here. This match was surprisingly good, turns out old guys work the Deathmatch style much better than young guys, it’s probably because they can actually sell. This was chaotic without being retarded. ***

BJW Tag Team Championship: Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei vs. Sekimoto Daisuke & Okabayashi Yuji (c) = First off, HOLY FUCKING COWSHIT, BRAHMAN SHU & BRAHMAN KEI ARE GODDAMN CRAZY!!! The pace was dictated by the stronger and rougher team of Okamoto, until the Brahmans slimmed Sekimoto and turned it into a brawl, which was awesome because when Sekimoto got angry he looked like The Incredible Hulk! Sekimoto smash!!! Okabayashi was the star of this funtastic clusterfuck, but even he could not save this Gulf oil spill (literally) of a match from being any more than just average. **

Strong Heavyweight Championship: Big Van Walter vs. Sasaki Yoshihito = Fortunately for me watching two ugly people hit each other is one of my favourite things to do, unfortunately this was the most overkill heavyweight match of all fucking time, I was beyond annoyed with this. This was like Walter vs. Calihan from WxW, only Calihan sold well, while Sasaki just shook it off like a dog after a good swim. What a shit sandwich of a match! N/A

BJW Light-tube/weapon Deathmatch for the Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship: Abdullah Kobayashi (c) vs. Ishikawa Shuji = As a big Ishikawa Shuji fan I was very much looking forward to this match, finally Abdullah had a good WRESTLER to challenge his throne! The opening of this match was bullshit, what was the coversation before the match like, “Let start out hitting each other several times with light-tubes, and no selling it, ok you go first”. It wasn’t exactly a Funk-Foley Deathmatch early on. This match was bloody, disgusting, filled with flabby man ass and…. it was an abortion -***** Kill. Me. Now. If I were Ishikawa or Abdullah I wouldn’t show my face in public ever again.

My final verdict is avoid at all costs, seriously, unless you enjoy garbage wrestling, no selling and an infinite amount of nearfalls. This was the worst Big Japan show I’ve ever laid eyes on.


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