The world according to Sean: What I learned from college

It’s been a long time since my last motivated post. Too long even. But today, I felt compelled to write about my experiences with post secondary education….

September 2012:

I had graduated from the Media Experience certificate program months ago at this point, and I was just entering the world of journalism – online, print and broadcast.

I was introduced to my peers and sent on a teambuilding scavenger hunt with a group of assorted strangers, like a bad reality show (okay, so they’re pretty much all bad). At this point I had no idea what was going on, but they had my attention, based on curiosity and confusion alone.

A few short weeks later I found out, like most snot nosed brats do, I didn’t know shit  about writing. Write short, concise and for a large and diverse audience they said. I was taught to love the inverted pyramid style of writing, because the good stuff is on top.

I think not.

As a comedian and somewhat of a wordsmith myself, I got hot. Building up to a good punch-line and letting a story climax is sot of my style.

But I tried inverted pyramid despite that, and I must say, I failed spectacularly. Inverted pyramid to me felt as natural as a giant squid riding a vintage tricycle across the ocean floor (pretty fucking strange, eh?).

Not all my classes were a snail’s paced death sentence though. There was radio storytelling, and I dug that. Very creative things can be done in that class. Then there was media performance, and I loved that. Betty Botter and I are tighter than Russell Brand’s jeans at the mention of an all B-list celebrity orgy and it only helped my projection and pronunciation.

But for all the great there was, we had good old fashioned hard news reporting. Or as I like to call it, watching someone else watch paint dry. Sure, some may find invasion of privacy, bullshiting yourself into thinking you’re the second coming of Christ and patting yourself on the back fun, but it just wasn’t for this guy.

As much as I like to defecate on good old fashioned twenty-two sides of the story reporting, the truth is I have bonded with several great people since the Fall. Friends who supported me from the beginning. The friends I made at college are easily among the most fun, open-minded and good people I have met. I hope you guys find what you were looking for, through graduation or whatever.

I met great friends, had (some) proficient professors and a lot of good times. Now I have a sizeable amount of debt. I guess it was well worth it to gain a priceless experience.

Thanks guys!

Sean Carleton

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