642 THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT: “Write Facebook status updates for the year 2017.”

Slightly exaggerated for comedic reasons…..

“How do we still not have flying cars?!”

“It’s 32 degrees celsius….. in the middle of October. I’m sure we’re fine.”

“How we survived 10 years of Harper, I’ll never know. Thank the Gods for Prime Minister Short. SCTV on every channel!!”

“Just landed in the United States of Comerica.” 2o minutes later:  “I was been indefinitely detained for questioning the four simultaneous wars the United States started. This country still sucks”.

“Thanks for bailing us out, PM Short!”

“WE WON THE LOTTERY!!! OMG!!! Jess and I are going to the moon, baby!! We’re going to live. Thanks @Martin Short PM!! Suck it, long term earth dwellers!”

“Space my ass! I feel like I’m living with a Hobbit. False advertisement much?”

“Just saw Neil deGrasse Tyson smoke George Takei in a game of Twister. I don’t believe my eyes. Uploading pics now…”

“It’s been a great 2017. See you earthlings next year…. if you’re not all submerged, or catching fire. Peace!”

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