642 THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT: “Write a scene where the only spoken dialogue is ‘Uh-huh,’ ‘Umm,’ “Urrrr,’ ‘mm-mm.’

Location: A dingy pool hall in Alberta

Players: The man, Barnes, Sampson

Two men and a woman are playing a game of pool. The men are looking at a fit man playing rock, paper, scissors. Barnes nudges Sampson….

Barnes: “Ummmmm,”

Sampson: “Uh-huh?,”

A man is wearing what looks to be Sampson’s lost lucky boxer shorts. But that can’t be, his lucky drawers got lost back in Vancouver. Why would someone steal them and bring them all the way here?

Sampson approaches man angrily…..

Sampson: “Urrrr…”

The man drops his trou and reveals all.

Flashback: A train station in British Columbia. Sampson is going to miss the ride to Alberta, his job is on the line. His luggage explodes when he collides with a group of  rouge senior citizens. A man picks up a pair of smiley face boxer shorts and tries to yell to him before Sampson runs around the corner holding together his mess of a suitcase.

Sampson: “Umm. Uh-huh,”.

The newly naked man hands Sampson the underwear, and they embrace with a big hug.

They both cry out: “Mm-mmm”

The rest is very NC-17.

Sean Carleton



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