Part II:

“What the fuck was that?!,” James yelled. Although he could not hear his own screams. James cried out for his best friend several times, “Sean? What happened, man? Where are you? Are you okay?”. There was no response, or at least none that he could hear.

‘Where am I?’ James asked himself. As he looked around he started to realize he wasn’t in a European-style chain store. This was in an empty warehouse, and by the looks of it, no one had been inside for a long time.

How is this even possible. I was checking out furniture, and it all went white after that. James was trying to remember, but his headache made even thinking excruciating.

His ears were still ringing, but James had no idea why. He was just beginning to pick up sounds. His footsteps, then his voice. It was all distorted, but it was coming back to him slowly.

When the headache subsided slightly, James went outside. The first thing he noticed was the how empty everything looked. Dusty, dirty, and worst of all desolate. Where there should have been a road there were an empty dumpster, a run down and likely abandoned office building, and oh yeah, a military looking helicopter in the middle of the fucking road.

James found himself speaking aloud more and more, “Something tells me I should check the parking garage, another part of me is wondering why I’m talking to myself,”. “I haven’t seen something like this since I watched ‘The Walking Dead'” he said.

The garage was damp, and it had a sort of unrecognizable scent to it. “There aren’t any bodies in here, live or dead, I’m not sure if that’s a positive,”. he siad. It’s like they vanished while I was unconscious, James thought. But the bitch of it was, my beard hadn’t grown noticeably and aside from feeling like an atomic bomb went off in my brain cage, I don’t look or smell any different then I did when I came here. Sean would have figured this out. “Where is that sci-fi freak when you actually need him around?” James said to himself, missing his oldest friend.

“My phone,” James said as he reached into his jacket pocket. When he heard the dial tone relief washed over him. He immediately called Sean. One ring….. two rings… three… four…. when he heard answering machine, James realized he had to do something. “I need to figure out what’s going on, and get out of here,”.



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