Guess who’s getting hitched? Hint: It’s me!!!

Hey guys,

It’s official, Jessika and I getting married!!! And if you’re reading this, you’re probably invited! No, we don’t know when the wedding is taking place, not for a while, some time after Jess is done with college (so please stop asking, thank you).

For the first time in life, professional wrestling is NOT a priority. In fact, we gladly missed RAW Monday. It didn’t even feel like betrayal this time. The biggest difference since the announcement has been the outpour of congratulations and well wishes. It means a lot to both of us. Thanks guys!

The problem now is, when Jess is in Ottawa, making music, what do I do? For most people the answer is simple, get a job or go back to school. While I lean more towards the former, I don’t see myself being hired as a writer or as an independent journalist. Not because I can’t write, but because I don’t write like other writers. Bleacher Report turned me down, which was stunning, due to the fact, outside of 2 or 3 writers, my typical work is clearly more entertaining than most of their writer’s material.

I could return to stand-up, comedy is, after all, my favourite of all the available options. But, my ability to write one-liners is depleting faster than sperm count of an elderly man regularly exposed to radiation.

I don’t tend to ask for help a lot, but I want to know what some of you think?


Photo on 12-09-16 at 7.00 PM #2

Peace and love,


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