Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels (In Your House “Mind Games”)

Michaels vs. Mankind

Cactus Clothesline early. The brawl goes to the floor when Michaels surprisingly takes over by monkey-stomping and throwing Mankind to the floor. HBK went for the finish and Sweet Chin Music early on. Mankind dives out of the ring to stop Michaels’ momentum, and it works.

Mankind eventually took HBK’s back and nearly sunk in the dreaded “Mandible Claw”, only for his opponent to escape.

Foley’s knee was destroyed as he was suplexed by HBK on the steel steps. Michaels then turned to the knee, in a more vicious fashion than we’re used to see the “Heartbreak Kid”.

Michaels was off his game, due to Mankind’s mind games, but Michaels only used that frustration and rage as an offensive weapon.

Foley took control with his cunning and his sadistic mind, utilizing a hotshot across the top rope. Mankind even went so far as to stab himself in the knee with a pen to get feeling back into his injured leg.

The deranged Mankind used his sick imagination to think of ways to dismantle HBK, and it worked, nearly to perfection.

Mankind’s recklessness and lack of sanity worked to Michaels’ advantage as he got out of the way of a charging Mankind several times, leading to a comeback.

Mankind was hanged when leaping towards the ropes at a ducking HBK. Shawn Michaels went after the fingers of Mankind out of self-preservation, attempting to break them after he tasted the feared Claw of Foley.

Mankind back body dropped HBK over the ropes as a last resort, leading to a tide-turning offensive run by the demented one.

Mankind not only threw the kitchen sink at Shawn Michaels, he threw the bathtub and the dishwasher. When he couldn’t pin Michaels, Mankind become frustrated and irate. Michaels gave it all he had as well, but to no avail. Until both men went to the outside through the Spanish table from the middle rope. HBK, having landed on top, had the advantage. As Mrs. Foley’s baby boy was scaling the top turnbuckle with a steel chair, Michaels hit a jumping super kick sending the chair into Mankind’s leather face.

Vader came out and it turned into a schmooze. Eventually, Mankind sunk in the Mandible Claw, only to be stopped by the Undertaker, who came out to a thunderous ovation. Classic match = *****

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