Been gone too long…

Since my last stand up show, I became a journalism student, lost the ability to write decent material, dropped out over a feud and frustration, and now I’m engaged to a beautiful woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Being in-love is incredible and it’s fun, and I’m alive, but for whatever reason writing is easier when I’m alone, desolate, and on the brink of giving up. But, that hasn’t entirely stopped me from writing mediocre material. I’ve considered seeking help, to find out exactly what is wrong. But asking for help has never been easy for me.

One thing that motivates me is terrible leadership….

How was Stephen Harper not out on his ass a couple of years ago? The man has taken Canada and our great history (aside from the residential schools and attempted ethnic cleansing, of course) as friendly peace keepers (other than the occasional Bosnian bombing) and he’s turned us into America lite with 15% less fat.

Canada could elect Sir. Stealy McSleazy-Pants, esquire, an Alberta oil tycoon who clubs baby seals and begging homeless to death in his spare time, and it would be a slight improvement from our current government.  At least McSleazy pants is honest about his plan to kill the poor, install himself as dictator and put his religion and punishment ahead of reason, rehabilitation, and secularism.

That’s not to say I’m one of these “Change You Can Believe In” bumper sticker wearing, apologist, faux progressive Canadians defending the so-called great US leader, President Barack Obama.

He’s pro-torture, he’s pro-unethical surveillance, and sure, he’s for marriage equality and he pretends to care about gun control, but even Dick Cheney is for same-sex marriage, and he’s the fucking Emperor to Bush’s Darth Vader. It’s 2013 not 1913, it should be an absolute shock when a politician does not endorses basic human rights. And don’t get me started on gun control. The reason Obama is ‘championing’ gun control is to distract people for the inhumane clusterfuck that is Guantanamo Bay (how many innocent men reside there anyway? I reckon more than live in D.C.). How about those child-mother killer drone strikes? You wouldn’t want to draw attention to these things. How about healthcare equality, how did that work out?

And what’s with the at least he’s not George Bush argument. Bush was awful, but it’s been five years. Could you imagine a lawyer playing the at least he’s not Bush card in court?  “Yes, your honor, he killed three women and one child with a hacksaw, but at least he’s not Jeffery Dahmer”.

I know it’s US politics, but that’s not the point, I guess what I’m saying is, “Don’t believe the hype”.



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