WWE NXT REVIEW (June 6, 2013)

Contract signing for the NXT Championship between Bo Dallas & Big E Langston: Langston is OVER in the NXT Universe. Big time. The crowd felt pretty much the exact opposite about Bo Dallas. Bo cut a slightly above generic promo about becoming the champion of NXT and catapulting to the WWE. Big E is massively underrated on the microphone. Big E cut a straightforward and hilarious promo and he punked out Bo.

Corey Graves interview with Renee Young: Graves promised to put the Wyatt Family down. He doesn’t like Kassius Ohno, but he said he would win by himself and take apart the family brick by brick. Okay promo.

NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Opening Round Match: Tamina Snuka vs. “The Anti-Diva” Paige: Tamina established dominance early, utilizing her power and brute force. I mean Tamina was rag-dolling Paige early on. Crowd was hot for Paige, as always. Paige capitalized on Snuka’s showboating by getting her knees up and rolling up Tamina for the 1-2-3 in a decent match.

Kassius Ohno interview with Renee Young:
Kassius Ohno not only cut a great promo on The Wyatt Family, he did it while rocking the Mitsuharu Misawa shirt.

Mason Ryan vs. Colin Cassidy: My fiancée: “Holy shit! Is he on steroids?” Me: “Most likely”. Ryan got the easy win over the enhancement talent.

Sami Zayn interview with Renee Young: Sami was wearing a sweet Operation Ivy tee. He talked about his successful NXT debut. Antonio Cesaro interrupted and challenged Zayn to a rematch, Sami accepted, and a fight broke out.

Alex Riley vs. Connor O’Brian: Why do people even like “A-Ry”? He’s bland and he’s almost as bad in the ring as he is behind the wheel. O’Brian took out Tom Magee version 2 in about 3 minutes. This was a somewhat impressive win by O’Brian.

Main event for the NXT Tag Team Championship: Luke Harper & Eric Rowan “The Wyatt Family” vs. Kassius Ohno & Corey Graves:

6-6-2013 3-58-32 PM

The odd couple of Ohno & Graves came together out of disdain for the Wyatt Family. The alliance was formed, not to win the tag team titles, but rather to rid NXT of the Wyatt Family. Ohno & Graves used quick tags and stick and move offense to counterattack the straight ahead brawling and smash mouth powerhouse style of Rowan and Harper. The family controlled the majority of the match, but that didn’t stop the newly formed team from getting their licks in. Graves was whipped like a government mule, albeit a resilient one. Ohno went nuts off the hot tag and took it to the backwoods all-stars. A valiant effort from Ohno & Graves was not enough, as Bray Wyatt got involved and made it 3-on-2, and the Wyatt Family took home the win and remained NXT Tag Team Champions.

Next week: The NXT Women’s Championship tourney continues and Big E Langston defends his NXT heavyweight crown against Bo Dallas. Don’t ya dare miss it, folks!

Rating: 7.5/10

– Sean


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