D Bryan vs. Rollins


The Good:

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns. This is the Orton we considered one of the best in the world. This is the best Roman Reigns yet. What a match!

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane. Good match. Kane keeps getting better. Ambrose is elite.

The crowd. They were on fire! This is how fans are supposed to react to compelling wrestling and interesting angles.

Big E. Langston vs. Chris Jericho was a fun match. Big E looked Iron Mike Sharp tonight as well.

Everything AJ Lee did on RAW was amazing. I mean DAAAAAYYYYUM. She can talk even better than she can wrestle. Can’t wait to see her take the green strong woman Kaitlyn’s Diva’s title.

Antonio Cesaro. The man can do no wrong.

Uncle Zeb. Without Jack Swagger drowning him Zeb is awesome. The border stuff was heel 101 and the wiretap lines were classic.

WWE’s handling of Ryback post-Extreme Rules has been great. What we needed was less Ryback speaking and more Ryback smashing, and that’s what we’re getting. Loved the bench-clearing brawl to end RAW.

Curtis Axel is likely getting a run with the Intercontinental Championship. Hopefully this leads to a win-streak and less Triple H in the ring. Axel can bring back honour to a now cheap piece of tin. A championship his father helped make legendary.

The Bad:

Sheamus’s continued bullying of Damien Sandow is getting old. Stuffing the nerd in the locker is not being a star, Shaemo. Let’s hope Mark Henry puts Sheamus out of action so he can be repacked as someone who doesn’t belong in a bedazzled 2 sizes too tight Affliction tee.

The Ugly:

Taking the emphasis off of Curtis Axel, and putting it on Triple H & the McMahons was pretty cheap. “You’re bigger than Curtis Axel,” Vince McMahon said. Brutal. Now suddenly Vince McMahon is suddenly homophobic and Triple H doesn’t want to fight Axel because he’s not worth it? The fuck is that shit?

The Miz. The man couldn’t sell you oxygen. What a disgrace to the professional wrestling business.

Shame on WWE and Hardee’s for having Jerry Lawler, a man who had a massive heart attack at the very same commentary desk you have him promoting a bacon cheeseburger at.

The Best:

Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins. This was not only better than the most recent match between CM Punk & John Cena. This was the best match of Seth Rollins’ WWE career. It was even better than the Daniel Bryan-Tyler Black matches from Ring of Honor in 2009. This was a 5 star match in my book.

Mark Henry’s return hype montage was the most badass thing you will see all year, not counting the final season of Breaking Bad.

The Wyatt Family continues to creep their way into our hearts and minds. And I do mean CREEP.

This was a very strong show with a few minor hiccups and easily the best wrestling TV match of the year with Rollins vs. Bryan.

Can’t wait for PAYBACK!!

Rating: 8.5/10



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