The show opens up with a very serious and quite frankly grouchy looking Big E Langston, fresh off his NXT championship loss, taking on the soon to be dearly departed Aiden English.

Big E Langston vs. Aiden English

Langston crushed English in about 30 seconds with the Big Ending. Due to popular request, Langston returned to deliver 2 more Big Endings. Look out, Bo!

I just have to say, having Master Regal back on commentary is a pleasure. Having gone through Brad Maddox’s commentary last week and getting to listen to Regal this week is like going from dumpster diving to dinning with the queen of England.

Regal & Tony

Emma was playing with a bubble maker backstage while Renee Young was trying to interview her. She told Renee not to touch it. Emma then asked Renee to hold it while she wrestled.  This was sort of fun/strange.

NXT Women’s Championship tournament opening round match: Emma vs. Aksana

I have no earthly idea why WWE continues to piss money away on Aksana, she can’t wrestle, can’t act, and no one likes her. She doesn’t even know how to move in the ring.  She’s like Kelly, minus the athletic background and popularity. As for Emma, she is great, although she may be a little touched. Emma picked up the quick win. Emma celebrated with a few young members of the NXT crowd. Emma goes on to face a much tougher opponent in the next round as she takes on Summer Rae.

An ominous Leo Kruger promo led into a match. I think Kruger should run with this gimmick. Kruger is hinted at being some kind of savage mercenary. You can just picture the man burning a village to the ground without even blinking.

Leo Kruger vs. Dante (Don’t call me Mrs.) Dash

 This was Dash (the Christian) being thrown to Kruger (the lion). Kruger just picked apart Dash with a sadistic smile. Kruger picked his target, locked on to the arm of Dash, and he nearly ripped it off. Kruger’s hammerlock snap suplex was brutal. The assault ended when Kruger locked in the GC3 (a modified arm bar from the camel clutch position).

Bo Dallas (NXT champion) vs. Mickey Keegan

Dallas made quick work of the “Killer” Kowalski student. If Bo stays ‘face’, it will be a huge mistake. This isn’t 1970. Beaver Cleaver is not going to cut it as a fan favourite. Crowd was not receptive to Dallas. Note that Leo Kruger stayed at ringside during the Bo Dallas match. After the match, Kruger made it clear he wanted that NXT Championship.

Main event number one contender match for the NXT tag team championship: Scott Dawson & Garrett Dylan (with Sylvester Lefort) vs. Kassius Ohno & Corey Graves

Apparently Garrett & Dylan grew up together in a trailer park. I thought that was a nice touch. Ohno & Graves isolated there man and cut the ring in half early. If you’re not familiar with his past, Ohno has a decorated history as a tag team wrestler, prior to his stint in NXT. Dawson & Dylan took over the match a few minutes in, before Ohno got the hot tag. But, Dylan & Dawson once again took over, proving their worth as tag team specialists. I was really impressive with both teams here, but especially the Southern duo. It’s scary how much the trailer park boys remind me of Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson. Graves came in and cleaned house, eventually taking out the young Southern boys with his submission hold. Graves & Ohno are the number one contenders.

This brought out the tag champions, Luke Harper & Eric Rowan and Bray Wyatt. Adrian Neville comes in to make the save, but Dylan & Garrett attack him. Regal gets involved. Regal is isolated and out-numbered, and the Wyatt Family takes him out to end the episode.

This was a decent set-up episode of NXT. Can’t wait for next week’s edition.

 Rating: 7/10

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