Before I begin, I’m looking for a new show or a classic to watch on Netflix, so far, I’m thinking of starting “Luther” or revisiting “Stargate SG-1”. Do you guys have any other ideas?

On Thursday, I returned to work for the first time in two weeks (I a babysit a really cool 4 year old boy who loves Mario & Luigi). On the first day back, we kept it pretty calm and played a little Mario Bros. on the Wii and we watched Bugs & Tweety.

Friday was a little more eventful, we played at the playground before running back to hang out with his mother, one of my best friends. We made dinner and had fun playing games too. After work, I headed home and watched “UFC: Bigfoot vs. Hunt”. Luckily, my Brother Ryan got home early so we could watch the main event, which was Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva together with Bekah. The fight was both an instant classic and a bloodbath. As hard as it was to watch, it resembled an old school professional wrestling masterpiece. This had to be one of the only fights ever that ended in a draw, and was still not booed after the decision was handed out.

2013-12-07 18.13.31

Today, I spent some time with my Niece Hollie. We watched “Elf”, drank hot chocolate, and did laundry (she loves to do laundry). Welp, I’m off to watch Christmas movies now.

Happy Holidays,


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