*NERD ALERT!*




                                         “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA”


Shortly after I awoke, I got excited about tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead”, only to shake the cobwebs loose and remember that the mid-season finale was just week (it was an emotional rollercoaster of an episode, by the way), and realized I would have to wait until February to see new episodes. But fear not friends, I have found a new fandom to latch on to like a facehugging alien or a Goa’uld.

I had wanted to get into Battlestar Galactica back when I heard it was returning to television as a new series (I was a fan of the original, believe it or not), but unfortunately, I missed the first episode and then I got busy, so I put it off, for years. With shows like  Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, Smallville and eventually Lost already on my plate, I just never really found the time to commit to Battlestar Galactica (same thing happened with Doctor Who). That was  of course until last night. I had planned to watch the mini series opener of BSG just before I went to sleep, but after just one episode, I was too excited to sleep. I was blown away by how much story was told in so little time and how much I cared for certain characters so early on. I instantly got behind “Starbuck” and Commander Adama. I have been a fan of Edward James Olmos for years (he even follows me on Twitter), and “Starbuck” sort of reminded me of Han Solo. I knew Tricia Helfer would be perfect for the role she was cast in. All in all, I’m impressed by almost everyone so far, and I cannot wait to continue my newest journey with the crew of the Battlestar Galactica.


Some of you may be shocked by this, but I have never once attended a comic convention or a fan expo in my 26 years on this rock. But, in my twenty-seventh year, I intend to change all that, and attend a minimum of two conventions in 2014. As a fan of so many great series and films, I owe it to myself to meet creators and actors from shows I admire. If you are reading this, and you regularly attend conventions and exhibitions, your advice and experiences would invaluable and I would love you forever!

– Sean

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