I’m not saying MMA and pro wrestling are the same thing, but over exposure is bad for both. More PPVs and marathon shows on weekly or almost weekly basis brings down interest in WWE and UFC’s respective products. I’m a hardcore fan and it’s getting too much even for me, how fed up must the average fan be? Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans have recently begun to feel how professional wrestling fans have felt for years. It seems every week (or every other week) there is another three-hour show to watch for both World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fans. It cannot be escaped. You can’t turn on a major sports network (unless you count Golf Television), USA, SYFY, ION or even Fox without being bombarded with advertisements and shows related to UFC or WWE, which wouldn’t be a problem if WWE & UFC didn’t expect you to put $60 dollars of your hard-earned (or lazily earned) dollars down to watch their big shows 12-14 times a year.

Tonight, WWE presents TLC (not the charismatic pop trio from the 1990s who urged us not to chase waterfalls) on PPV. The main event is a WWE Championship & World Heavyweight Championship unification match between Randy Orton & John Cena. Cena has been working his ass off to sell this one match show, even going as far to call out Orton for his laziness and apathy. But with too many shows as it is, it’s a lot to ask wrestling fans, many of whom having presents to by and bills to pay, to give WWE their money for what is essentially one match.

Also on the card is Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan)in a 3-on-1 match and CM Punk taking on The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) in you guessed it, another handicap match. While I have the utmost faith in all 8 men involved in the match, these are clearly RAW matches being sold as PPV matches. There is also a multi man match tag match with Goldust & Cody Rhodes defending their tag team titles against too many competitors to recall. Perhaps if someone put a couple of the wrestlers involved in this match with Punk or Bryan I would feel better about giving WWE my money. TLC seems like a duct taped together card relying on two things: the talent and their star power fueled main event. The Royal Rumble is the next WWE PPV that will draw big, in my opinion, but TLC would be lucky to crack 200,000 buys with their latest effort.

I know, I come off as a cynic at times, but I’m really not, in fact, I’m drinking hot chocolate and watching “The Santa Claus” later tonight, and that, unlike an over exposed wrestling or MMA product makes me happy.

– Sean


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