Last night could have went badly. I was shaken, I was crying from anger and frustration, and I was ready to harm myself. I wanted to fuck things up and let my 1970’s inner-punk rocker came out. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed when I was talked down by couple of good friends. Jess and I cut off communication, at least for now. It’s what we both needed. I instantly felt better afterwards, even though I get hit with a bug and have been in bed for longer than I have been in years.

Tomorrow, Jamie, Mike and me are going for lunch at the Boathouse. It will be nice to bullshit and exchange gifts with my brothers from another mother. Later that evening, Cindy, Nick and Xavier are having me over to exchange more gifts. I think I did a good job picking gifts, but honestly, it’s all about Xavier opening his gift and his reaction. If anyone reading this was mentioned, I love all of you very much. Thanks for being incredibly cool, kind and fun.

And Andrea, don’t forget about sushi next week, I haven’t had it since last time we had lunch together, and that is far too long to go without sushi.

I leave you guys with a picture of my best friends Jamie & Mike, good guy rock star Dave Grohl, my Brother Ryan and a skinny Sean (I’ll look like this twiggy fuck again by sometime in 2014, maybe by the star of Fall.

The boys and Dave



Taylor Hawkins with the boysTaylor with the boys


Peace and love

– Sean

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