People who say “Sex is overrated” are either asexual (which is cool), radical religious zealots (not cool, guys), apathetic/busy couples or more than likely, they’re just doing it wrong. Sex is everything, but with the right person it easily surpasses most things.

There is no way people relate to most online/TV advertisements. Have you seen this commercials? If some guy gets kicked in the jewels on TV am I suddenly supposed to get the urge to rip open a bag of potato chips?  If you really wanted to sell chips, you’d just tell people “Are you higher than Snoop Dogg, Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson on a shared tour bus, tear into a bag of DORITOS and kill the munchies… Better make that two bags.”

Why are clowns still around? You would think after John Wayne Gacy & Doink the Clown, there wasn’t a single person who was not afraid of those red nose mother fuckers. Then again, most people aren’t scared of priests, even though they probably should be.

I find it troubling that in certain places (across The United States of America, namely) empathy and compassion are seen as signs of weakness, while being ignorant, hateful, or just asshole gets you your own show on Fox News.

Also, stop throwing people in prison with rapists and other violent criminals for selling cannabis. It’s an injustice and a colossal waste of money and resources. Besides, there are many people serving 25 to life for non-violent drug crimes, and that’s not right.

One more thing, don’t forget to enjoy shit. I went so long under appreciating what I had, and it got me nowhere. Also, help out someone less fortunate than yourself. There’s almost always someone worse off than you, so offer a hand or a coat or something.

– Sean


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