Last night, my Brother, his girlfriend and I went out to see Martin Scorsese “The Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie. It was to put it simple, hilarious, disturbing, enthralling and to be ranked up their with the all-time classics. I’m not going to call this ‘the new Goodfellas’ because it was and is the first “Wolf of Wall Street”, but it’s on the same level. If Leonardo DiCaprio does not win his allusive first Oscar for best actor award and if Jonah Hill is not at least nominated for best supporting actor, you have proof the academy kept all the old Quaaludes for themselves.

Speaking of people used to being snubbed, there seemed to be hints of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” at times in Scorsese’s latest masterpiece. The humour wasn’t exactly PC or family friendly, but it was authentic and raw and not always pretty. There was a shitload of nudity in this flick. Both males and females stripped down. And the nude scenes weren’t even the uncomfortable scenes. The violence, however brief, was unsettling and hard to watch, but this movie wasn’t exactly about a gang of saints.

I’ve rambled on just about enough tonight. The only thing I must mention before I go is the cameos and the smaller supporting roles. Jon Bernthal, Jean Dujardin, Rob Reiner, Matthew McConaughey and the rest of the loaded cast help make this a memorable ride.

I highly suggest you throw on a coat and boots and go check out “The Wolf of Wall Street” as soon as you possibly can.  Score: 9.5/10

P.S. I’m still waiting for a Jamie Dimon movie or something about the big banks. The best we have had is a documentary “Inside Man” & a Will Ferrell comedy “The Other Guys”.


Enjoy the show!

– Sean


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