Hip hop and other things

I don’t want to be the old fuck complaining about how bad music has gotten, mostly because there is still a load of great sounds out there, but you can’t deny hip hop from the the 1990’s and even the early half of the 2000’s is on another plain of existence above almost everything in the last number of years. Yes, Kanye West & Eminem are talented, but there’s nothing behind their words anymore. Kanye wasn’t the same after College Dropout and Eminem is just there to make weak ass acts like Lil Wayne sound better.

The bright side of hip hop, sadly, comes mostly from artists who already made their mark years ago; Nas, OutKast, The Roots, Mos Def and other established veterans of the rap game are killing it, while we have what Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj & fucking Macklemore? Ever since hip hop shifted to top of the pops, it just hasn’t been the same. If anyone has any good shit, I’m very open and willing to give it a shot. I don’t want to give up on new hip hop from young hungry artists, MCs and poets. I really don’t want hip hop to go the way of punk rock and top 40. So, if you have soulful, raw and undeniable hip hop for me to listen to, point me in the right direction and we’ll have ourselves a listen.

UFC 171 thoughts:

Congratulations to Johny Hendricks on becoming the very best fighter alive at 170 pounds and undisputed UFC welterweight champon of the world. Stay at home Georges, you don’t want none of the new welterweight champ and a growing WW division. If I’m Joe Silva (one of UFC’s match makers) I book Johny Hendricks against Tyron Woodley or Rory MacDonald and I pair Nick Diaz in an epic rematch with Robbie Lawler. I can’t think of a better fight than the latter bout. Can you?

Has mixed martial arts passed Jake Shields by? I think the answer is yes, years ago. Although, I don’t see Hector Lombard giving top contenders like Hendricks, Condit, MacDonald, Lawler or Diaz any trouble. Speaking of the sport passing people by, Diego Sanchez only ever seems to win when the judges fuck his opponents (Gomi) or when the other guy gets tired of smashing Diego’s head open like an over-stuffed piggy bank. I don’t think people should dictate when to hang up the gloves, but what’s the point of getting worse while everyone else you were once competitive with keeps on getting better?

Next Sunday, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua takes on Dan Henderson in a rematch of their brutal war. I just can’t believe Henderson is still under contract with UFC (can you spell head trauma? Because Dan Henderson can’t). While I expect the fight to be a barn-burner, a pier sixer and a donnybrook all rolled into one, I don’t see how much longer either legend can endure 5 rounds of getting cracked over the head with the human anatomy.

On the bright side, UFC has many solid cards booked for the month of April featuring a fuckwad of young talent.

Mary Jane is making me sleepy. Sweet dreams

– Sean


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